a couple of rants

I was planted on the beach this morning contemplating life.  Actually, the waves had washed away all thoughts and I was just sitting.  Stan hadn't come down yet when a man we had met yesterday stopped for a chat.  Great guy.  Almost.  He's from Lethbridge and is very friendly.  But for the life of him, he couldn't understand why the darn Panamaians refused to learn English.  They should at least try.  Really had him stumped why their government wasn't insisting.  I'm guessing the Yuma would be a better vacation place for him.  He also assumed I disliked Trump because I'm a woman.  I now have 20 comebacks to shut him up but at the time I came up with nada. (see what I did there with the Spanish)

Another rant: We have a few people who walk laps in the pool.  Great exercise with little resistance.  So yesterday when Stan and I got in the pool a woman said "could you move, I'm doing my laps here."  Yep, cause apparently she can only walk in a direct line and coulnd't have walked around us.

And yet another: We have tons of sitting around time and I'm on Facebook a lot.  Too much.  But there's only so much gazing on the horizon a person can do.  So my Facebook rant is this.  Yes, everyone is titled to an opion.  But do we really need to share it on every single post and every single comment and every single reply?  Wouldn't it be great if people at least stayed on topic.  oh, and how about those "if you care - repost" posts.  NOOOOO.  I can't believe God is involved with social media and needs me to repost or say amen.  But then I feel bad when I don't.  Or when you have to "like" the smile of disfigured or unfortunates.  How will my clicking like help them in any way.  And how do I know they even need my help?  I think I'll spend my afternoon on Pinterest.  It's less stressful saving recipes I'll never make and decorating tips I won't use.

Final rant: Don't you just hate people who complain about every little thing especially when they are sitting on the beach while friends and family are suffering -40 temperatures?

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Comments (2)

  1. honestycounts

    Nada. Your obviously very fluent

    February 26, 2017
  2. honestycounts

    Read the whole post, gooood ending. Seriously you should have been a writer if your not now

    February 26, 2017