A woman's work...

I always imagine when I'm away from home the work is left behind.  But alas, I had to change the bedding and do laundry, sweep floors, do dishes and grocery shop.  On the other hand if a person didn't do these mundane tasks what would we do? My dad relishes in daily chores.  He has a routine and sticks with it.  He's 92 so I imagine he knows what he's talking about.  He claims is you just sit there you'll die.  I suspect he's right. 

I'm all for relaxing.  At my age I've put in my time so feel a little entitled to not overdoing it.  But you really have to do something.  I got a couple of swims in.  I went for a walk and even did 1/2 hour in the gym.  Don't get excited.  Most of it was on a stationary bike.  So when you retire you need to find hobbies.  My talented cousin, Darlene, makes amazing handmade cards.   Her husbane Ken is a talented photographer and writes a lot.  I haven't found my thing yet.  I love to cook but that is dangerous for the waist line.  I am open to suggestions.  Keep in mind I have zero artistic talent, don't love to be in groups of people, and don't feel the need to involve myself in organzations that will cause me stress.  Maybe I will just become a cat lady and pet cats.  Already got two.  Just 17 to go!

But the moral of the story is directed for the younger generation.  Yep, it sucks that you have no free time.  It's hard having to work all week and keep a house going.  Raising kids is an adventure all of its own.  But be grateful for all you have to do.  It means you are needed and important to society.  Enjoy all the work cause someday you might be sitting on a beach looking for a hobby.  It's pretty tough....

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  1. honestycounts

    I drove by Planet Fitness…. does that count?

    February 26, 2017