Early Thoughts

This blog is dedicated to all those people who requested it.  Here's to you Ken and Kathy. 

We left home on January 31 because of the four hour trip to the nearest airport.  Sheesh.  We get tired before we leave!  Lucky for us we have an amazing private hotel called Casa de Nancy!  The service can't be beat.  The in-house chef will occasionally whip up Beef Wellington or else take you out on the town.  They offer free parking and free airport shuttle service.  The cost of these luxuries?  $0.00.  No, I will not give you the number.  It's pretty exclusive.  But don't think for a minute we don't appreciate every little thing!

Our trek began at 4:30 p.m. from Winnipeg Airport. A short hop, skip and a jump to Denver.  Then a mad dash through the airport.  Stan and I are not in great shape.  Well, round is a shape but trotting through airports is taxing.  But with the 45 minutes between flights we managed to use the washroom and find our terminal and arrived just as boarding started.  Success!

Then a quick flight to Houston.  We spent the night at an airport near the hotel.  It was $46 U.S which tells you what a high end, classy establishment it was.  But it was clean so good enough.  Our final flight left Houston at 9:15 a.m. and even though we were stuck in the back seats of the plane (yes, the ones that don't recline and offer you aromatic waves with every opening of the washroom doors) we arrived safely in Panama City at 2:00 p.m.

The condo booking agent and several other websites assured us that we were approximately 45 - 50 minutes south of Panama City.  The condo agent even arranged a ride with Pedro for only $80.  He was, as promised, waiting to the left of customs wearing his blue baseball cap and red shirt.  He had his lovely wife with him would be be our chauffeur because he had another pick up coming in shortly.  Isario was friendly, spoke excellent English and a great driver.  The traffic was a little heavy.  But we completed the trip in just over three hours.  Apparently this was not bad.  The incoming traffice was bumper-to-bumper for at least 20 miles.  We were glad we were exiting the city instead of coming in.  So the trip can take anywhere from 1hour to 6 hours.  Thanks heavens for air conditioning! 

Isario stopped at a local super market and we picked up some essentials (read snacks and beer).  We were delivered to our Condo and escorted to our home. 

The view from our suite is breathtaking.  The condo is tiny but you can't escape the view.  There is even a window in our shower so you can see through the condo and admire the ocean. Although, with less than 500 square feet it is well equipped and we have all we need. 

Enough for today.  More to come.....



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