I saw Bigfoot!

Well not really.  Not a sasquatch or any kind of bush creature.  But I did meet a 'Murican who voted for Trump.  I mean, you hear about them but until you actually see one with your own eyes it's hard to believe.  And yes, it was everything you would expect.  He was "happy Hillary wasn't gonna give the whole country away like that Obama fella".  We were on the beach with a couple of Canadians and we all got chatting.  Within minutes of his cheerleading for Trump we all got strangley quiet.  You know we Canadians were taught if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all.  I wanted to take a picture to prove they exist but it seemed a little tacky.

But anyway... We along with Paul and Danielle from Ottawa bought fish from the locals right off the boats this morning.  Even with Danielle's excellent Spanish skills it took more than an hour for them to unload the fish and make the deal.  Paul is an avid fisherman who has even fished in the Bug Chucker Fly Fishing Tournament in Roblin.  Yep,  small world.  Paul offered to clean the fish and we didnt' argue.  They've invited us for dinner with the fish, salad, rice.  We are supplying the garlic bread and a pineapple pie for dessert.  Their menu was a little too healthy but we will fix that!

That's the news for the day.  Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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  1. honestycounts

    You have a lovely way with words. You actually make reading them interesting… thank you

    February 26, 2017