Me and technology and people we met

I wrote a great blog.  No doubt the best I've ever written.  It was funny and yet sophisticated.  Warm and with great insight.  I even added pictures.  And that's where it went wrong.  It wouldn't load and I lost the text. I will recap it for you but don't count on the same level of greatness.

Today while beach walking we met Emil from Quebec City.  He was fishing on the beach and caught nothing but a puffer fish while we watched.  Mr. Puffer fish went back to the sea to swim another day.  Emil was very friendly and offered us the use of his BBQ anytime we needed.  He also gave Stan info about local fishermen who would take you out for $30.00 an hour.  That is an amazing bargain.  He told Stan where this great fishing store is so I'm anticipating a shopping trip any time.

Then we met Paul from Ottawa.  A nice Ukrainian man.  Paul fly fishes and confirmed Emil's advice about fishing with the locals.  You can also buy fish straight off the boats in you get there early in the morning as they come in.  The local fishermen often go out through the night and cast their nets.  They come back to shore around 7:00 a.m. with their catch.  They will sell to whoever is nearby first then take it to town for sale. 

We met a man from Georgeville Quebec but he was young and handsome and his name was not was I was focussed on. 

Then we met Marilyn and Stan from Edmonton who bought a condo here a couple years ago.  She gave us great advice about car rentals.  But Pedro our driver will take us touring for $60 for the better part of the day so I don't know if we will bother renting.

I headed off to the gym again.  Stop laughing.  No, really, cut it out.  Anyway, most of the equipment intimates me so I hopped on a stationary bike.  There was a man who was at least 15 years my senior on the bike beside me.  I don't know how long he had been on when I got there.  For my vanity's sake I'm going to say he got on mere seconds before I arrived.  So I kept pace with him.  Oh sure, I could have gone faster, but who am I to make someone his age look bad.  Showing respect.

We pedalled along and nodded at each other.  In the nod the guantlet was thrown.  I would not get off that bike until he did.  My goodness, that man had stamina.  Clearly, it was not his first rodeo.  I kept up.  Just barely.  The crying and moaning was very distracting.  It appeared to unnerve him.  Those bike seats do not come in sizes for normal people.  Eventually he took pity and climbed off.  Feeling victorius, I kept on for at least another 6, maybe 7 seconds.  I dismounted the hated beast with wobbly legs.  Then I looked to the old man to give him a look to show him he had been defeated.  The bugger was already on another machine.  I took my wouded pride and left....


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