New friends

Yesterday I don't know if we could have called Pedro and Isario friends because we paid them to take us to El Valle. But today they took us for a lovely traditional breakfast and then to their home so today I call them friends.

Yesterday's trip was the highlight for me so far.  It's a short drive away but the little village is high up in the mountian and the climate is very different.  It was maybe 21 degrees and drizzled a bit.  It was a very refreshing change.  The market there was wonderful.  A little of everything.  I manage to buy a few things but had to reign myself in.  That's the downside to travelling with only carry on luggage.  What usually happens is that I shop too much and have to buy a large suitcase to go home with but I had promised Stan that this trip would be different.  But a necklace doesn't take up much room.  And the picture rolls up nicely.  The plate is flat so shouldn't cause much trouble.  The bowl is starting to push the limits.  The beautiful mortar and pestle might have to be worn as a hat.  But I won't buy anything else.  (Hehe)  Stan managed to find 5 ball caps he really needed.  And fruit.  How we are going to consume 4 pineapple, 1 canteloupe, 2 bags of mandarin oranges, 1 large bunch of bananas, 1 grapefruit, 1 sour sop, 1 bag of lemons, some raw sugar disks and some radish before they go bad?

We ate the traditional sancocho for lunch.  It's a chicken soup, with whole pieces of chicken, yucca and corn.  Delish!  I was sceptical when that was all we were ordering but it turned out to be very filling.

We walked partway up Sleeping Indian (or should I say Sleeping First Nation) mountain.  There was a very large painted rock dating back more than 400 years.  It is a road map that was used by th locals to find their way to other areas when Spain was invading.  I am always amazed how things stand the test of time. 

We drove to the top of the mountain where the wind almost peeled my hair right off.  Cooled us right down.  The road was paved and in good condition but very narrow.

We took the scenic route home and stopped at a fish market.  The Red Snapper made a great dinner!

This morning's breakfast was all traditional Panamian food but I can't remember the names of one thing.  But all tasty. 

Pedro and Isario's house is a magnificent piece of property with a pool and every fruit tree that can grow here.  She's an avid gardener and every where you looked there was something of interest.  But the standards we keep our yards in Canada are very different and the OCD in me would find the relaxed nature of things here very frustrating.

It was a fantastic weekend.  We met our next door neighbours and are heading out for pizza tonight. Nope, never get tired of pizza.  We will see if it meets the high Metal Red standards.....

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  1. honestycounts

    Sounds like u may never want to leave

    February 26, 2017