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Stan got up early and wandered down to the beach to catch the local fishermen as they came in.  Our "early" and the locals "early" might be two different things.  Anyway, Stan did manage to meet up with one last fisherman.  He had no fish but had some lobster that followed Stan home. 

So we went off to the market and stocked up on lemon, garlic and butter.  Lots of butter.  The lobsters are chilling in the fridge and I am joyously awaiting tonights dinner. 

I've never cooked live lobster before and I admit I find it rather intimidating.  I don't know if I can murder them.  Oh, I heard you.  You think I'm a natural born killer.  But I don't know.  I will try and if not we have some cool new pets!

We have found another great grocery store.  The prices are reasonable in all three and the variety is outstanding.  Each till has one or two or sometimes even three packers.  Since it's summer vacation here these jobs are filled by young students.  They don't get paid and work for tips.  Stan made the mistake of handing one of the girls $2 thinking she would share with her co-worker.  He was wrong.  She was a skilled magician and made that $2 disappear pretty quick. 

Although it's an ex-pat haven, I find that not many locals speak English.  Or they choose not to.  Either way my Spanish handbook is getting a good workout.

I'll let you know how supper goes.  Or else I'll ask for help naming the pets....

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