Proposals, fireworks and a car crash.

That would make a good punk band name.  But that's what new in our neighbourhood since last we spoke.

On Valentine's Day, a young man made a path of flower petals down to the beach and had a proposal written in the sand.  Cheesey? Yes.  Effective? Yes.  Little does the poor bastard know but every upcoming anniversary will have to be filled with more and more romance.  That's what happens when you start big.  No where to go but up.  For their 25th he will have to have "I love you" chiselled under the presidents heads on Mount Rushmore.  Maybe he will wise up and divorce her before it comes to that.

Last night the neighbours in the house next door put on a fireworks show for no other reason that it was Wednesday.  It was spectacular!  The Panamians love to celebrate with fireworks and it's a very common thing.  Unfortunately, because we face the beach (like that's a bad thing) we don't get to see them.  But last nights show made up for any we may have missed.

Today on the walk to the Fonda (local restaurant with a very limited menu) we met one a man who was witness to a high speed police chase which ended up with a rollover.  Luckily no one was hurt but 24 hours later the scene has not been cleared.  Glass everywhere.  A broken tree.  Wind shield wipers.  And no one seems to be making a move to clean it.  Maybe that's a job for Stan.  I'll ask him. 

Anyway, the Fonda serves breakfast consisting of scrambled eggs with sausage and onions stirred in and toast.  Couldn't have the orange juice because it wasn't cold.  No offer of coffee but for $3 we ate till we were stuffed so we won't complain.  Lunch is $4 which will get you whatever the cook feels like making.  Usually it consists of bean, rice, chicken or pork and maybe a little salad.  Bottle of Coke included.  Yes, $4.  Didn't see many tourists lining up but it was rustic and popular with the locals.  I can pretty much guarantee that it didn't meet many food safe requirements but I try not to focus on that.

We broke down and went for pizza again.  It's nearby and has fantastic pizza.  Plus there's a very cute cat which sits beside me waiting for his share.  Who could resist?

Tomorrow we plan to catch the local bus for $3 to go to a very large mall in Panama City.  I will need to limit my shopping to diamonds and gold since there isn't any room in my carry on.  Luckily, diamonds don't take a lot of space.  Maybe don't tell Stan about my plan.  I want to surprise him!


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  1. honestycounts

    You could write it in the sand for him maybe?

    February 26, 2017